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Got Water? : From The Desk of Dr. Jeff Rauch and RPHCA Therapist Richard Karlewicz...The RPHCA Health-Blog
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Got Water?

by Dr. Jeff Rauch and Richard Karlewicz-RPHCA Therapist on 10/16/14

Greetings Friends, 

Now with the summer season officially over, it seems no one told the sun and weather that. Looking at the weather forecast this morning, it sure seems like we still have some summer type days ahead of us. When the weather is like this, I find myself constantly telling patients to get outside, be active and enjoy the warmth (while it lasts). However, whether hot, mild or even cold, the One thing my staff and I are always preaching to patients is the importance of water and hydration. Getting off the couch and exercising outside is something we all at Rego Park Healthcare Alliance have been instructing our patients and friends to partake in, but as with most things, safety is always our main concern. Take a quick glance at the excerpt from our Official Website, and see the importance of hydrating with water....

Clearly, we can see the significance of hydrating with water as an integral part in our quest for a healthy and strong body. The above was taken from our website under the "Patient Education Center". I invite you all to take a look and see plenty of other fun facts about keeping healthy and fit, I think you will find some very interesting tidbits of information there that may just surprise you.

P.S. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always here for you. Our Doctors, Physical Therapists, Insurance Specialists and myself are always available to you. Feel free to call us anytime at 718 606 6000 or you can email us directly from our website at

Until next time, Stay Healthy My Friends

Dr. Jeff Rauch DCM

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