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Food That Assist in Healing.. : From The Desk of Dr. Jeff Rauch and RPHCA Therapist Richard Karlewicz...The RPHCA Health-Blog
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Food That Assist in Healing..

by Dr. Jeff Rauch and Richard Karlewicz-RPHCA Therapist on 10/23/14

Greetings Friends,

As we approach the holiday season, three things instantly come to mind. Football, spending time with friends, family and loved ones, and yes, of course, food. Delicious, nutritious and in most cases, over-indulging in food.

The latter subject will be the topic of this and my next blog.

Lets face it. It is easy to over eat. The aromas are enticing, the tastes are satisfying, yet the after affects usually lead to belly aches and naps.

Lately, the media, and even the White House are concerned with the eating habits of our generation (read-we eat food that is not so healthy and encompasses super-sized portions that lead to health problems and obesity)

But, did you know some foods are actually therapeutic? Well, we at Rego Park Healthcare Alliance know this and a lot of our patients now know this too, but did you?
Check out some foods that can assist us in our quest for health;
<img src=”” title=”Rego-Park-Forest-Hills-Kew-Gardens-Flushing-Queens-Pain-Management-And-Chiropractor-Inflammation--Treatments” alt=”Rego-Park-Forest-Hills-Corona-Kew-Gardens-Queens-NY-Physical-Therapy-And-Pain-Management-Low-Back-And-Neck-Treatments-For-Inflammation”>
In light of the above, perhaps utilizing some of the above ingredients can be substituted in some of your recipes. Perhaps just using some of the ingredients in some of your home cooked meals just might make a small difference. In our quest for health, small differences can add up to big changes, leading to a healthier, longer fuller life.

We only have one body, so let's take care of it.

Until next time...Stay Healthy My Friends

Dr. Jeff Rauch DCM

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